Privacy, cookies and accessibility

A footer menu for these items is mandatory and needs to be created manually.

Footer menu admin interface

The default Privacy notice on this current site needs to be updated with help from the GOV.UK Privacy team.

The Accessibility statement on this current site was written for the Help to Grow site. A full accessibility audit should be carried out of this site to improve the statement. A swarm by the GOV.UK Accessibility team was performed and has informed this statement,

Cookie Consent

By law, users must be told what cookies are being set and have the ability to accept or reject them.

To use the built in GOV.UK style consent mechanic, select the Cookies and Analytics option in the main site menu.

Selecting this option will automatically create a Cookie banner when you enter the site. This also creates a new page titled Cookie Settings which provides the option to accept or reject cookies.

This page must be added to the Footer menu. The Cookies you are setting must be added to this page.